Hot Works Protection

Bushfire Hot Works ProtectionIf you have a business that conducts any sort of hot works in a bushfire prone area over summer, then you need proper bushfire hot works protection. We are able to supply fire vehicles and crew to mitigate against the risks associated with such works.

Every summer bushfires are started by personnel working in bushfire prone areas, these bushfires can have a devastating effect not only on the local community but also your business.

If your staff are working in a bushfire prone area in summer and accidentally start a fire, the cost can easily be in the tens of millions of dollars, even without property damage the reputation of your business can be severely damaged.

In other parts of the world, it is common practise for companies conducting any sort of hot works in a fire prone area, to hire contractors who specialise in fire fighting and hot works protection. Australia has the highest bushfire risk in the world, simply having a fire extinguisher on the back of a vehicle is not properly mitigating against the risk of your crews starting a bushfire.

No matter what size your business is, big or small, we are able to reduce your liability. Contact us today to arrange hot works protection on your next job.