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clean up

yard clean up

Are you wanting a clean up before the bushfire season? Bushfire Protection Services is able to conduct a yard clean up to prepare your home for summer.

We are different to other companies because we are a bushfire prevention business, so when we conduct a clean up, we are doing so not only to make your home more tidy but also to reduce your bushfire risk.

Fuel for a bushfire isn’t just vegetation, it is anything that’s flammable, the wood pile next to your home, the pile of leaves that you haven’t yet removed, the stack of pots next to the shed, all the little things that you might not even think about, or don’t seem like a big deal, can make the difference in saving your home during a bushfire.

It is recommended to have a minimum buffer of 20 meters which is free from flammable materials, this does’t mean removing every tree within 20 meters of the home. By maintaining the vegetation within 20 meters of your home you are still able to enjoy “living within the trees” and have a bushfire safety zone.

Many people think there is a trade off between bushfire safety and being close to the bush, they feel that by taking the steps necessary to have a bushfire safe home, they need to remove all the trees and vegetation around their home, this isn’t the case.

By taking a number of different steps like maintaining a buffer zone via a clean up, installing a bushfire sprinkler system, burning off, and by following the recommendations from the Australian Standards AS 3959, you can have the best of both worlds, a home with reduced bushfire risk set on a lovely bush block.

Contact us today and we’ll make your home safer for the bushfire season.