Bushfire Sprinkler Systems

Bushfire sprinkler systems are a great addition to any home located in a bushfire prone area. Our bushfire sprinkler systems are custom made for your home and can range from bushfire sprinkler systems to protect against ember attack, through to a system to protect against direct flame contact.

All our bushfire sprinkler systems are completely self sufficient and don’t rely on mains water or power.¬†We design the systems to last a minimum of 2 to 3 hours, if you plan to leave your property during a bushfire and you have an adequate water supply, then we can upgrade the system to last for days without¬†refuelling the pump.

We can build bushfire sprinkler systems to conform to the new Australian Standards – AS 5414, However systems which conform to AS 5414 are vastly more expensive and require large amounts of water.

Bushfire sprinkler systems should always be installed in conjunction with other mitigation steps, including ember guards, burning off and property clean ups.

There are many examples of bushfire sprinkler systems saving homes and it is becoming more common for property owners who live in a bushfire prone areas to install a system. If you are thinking about a bushfire sprinkler system then contact us today for a free quote.

Below are some pictures and videos of bushfire sprinkler systems we have installed. These are only an example, all systems are designed based on the specific threat to your home.

Bushfire Sprinkler Systems

This image shows the typical pipework of a bushfire sprinkler system on the roof of a home. Most piping is placed on the far side of the roof capping which helps hide the pipe, in most cases the piping is not noticeable.

Bushfire Sprinkler Systems

This is a good example of the pipework and fittings used. This pipe was situated under a home on stilts. It is the junction point for both the upper section of the home and under the home.

Bushfire Sprinkler Systems

For this bushfire sprinkler system “butterfly” sprinklers were used, the 1 inch pipework was well concealed with only the sprinklers and a small section of feeder pipe slightly noticeable.

Below are some videos of a bushfire sprinkler system which was designed for ember protection of the home.