Bushfire Screens

Bushfire Screens

Bushfire Screens

Bushfire screens are also referred to as ember screens or ember guards, they are designed to stop embers from entering into the roof space and other areas of the home, protecting windows from radiant heat, or igniting evaporative air conditioner pads.

Embers are the main cause of home loss and damage during a bushfire, installing bushfire screens is one of the most important thing you can do in preparing your home for the bushfire season.

The mesh used in bushfire screens is covered in the Australian Standards AS 3959, installing bushfire screens isn’t as easy as buying some mesh from the local hardware store and sticking it up. To be properly protected you must buy mesh which conforms to the Australian Standards AS 3959. The mesh and screens overall should not have any gaps greater that 2mm and should be made from none combustable materials.

When installing bushfire screens, be aware of the gaps between the screens frame and the area to be covered, there is no point fitting mesh that follow all the recommendations if the frame used have gaps greater than 2mm.

Gutter guards can have a larger aperture (holes) than the 2mm, as their primary purpose is to stop leaf build up in the gutters, not to stop embers. If you are installing gutter guards, then you also need to be aware of any gaps that may be present in the area where the roof overlaps the backside of the gutters. Sometimes there can be gaps that lead directly into the roof space that are larger than 2mm, if this is the case then you will also need to install bushfire screens to block these gaps.

Bushfire screens for windows are primarily installed to help protect the window from the radiant heat of a bushfire. The heat from a bushfire can cause windows to shatter and then embers are able to directly enter the home. By installing bushfire screens to protect the windows of your home, you are not only reducing the heat on the window, but if the window do shatter, the screen will stop any embers from entering the home.

We are able to organise installation of all the different types of bushfire screens Australia wide. Simply call or contact us today and we’ll organise the rest!