Bushfire Attack Level

Bushfire Attack LevelBushfire Attack Level reports, or BAL reports, use the Australian Standards AS 3959 to calculate your bushfire attack level. Once you know your bushfire attack level, you’re then able to refer to sections in the Australian Standards AS 3959, which recommends the alterations needed to to an existing home, or implemented into a new design to reduce your bushfire risk.

A BAL report takes into account your region, slope,vegetation type and distance to the vegetation. These factors will indicate the bushfires intensity and the associated radiant heat and ember impact on the home. Your home will be given a BAL rating which you can then use to refer to the relevant sections in the Australian Standards AS 3959.

If you are planning on building and your property is in designated bushfire prone area, then more and more councils in Australia are making a bushfire attack level report a condition of the building approval.

An easy way to calculate your bushfire attack level is via this bushfire attack level calculator site, however this should only be used as a rough guide, any reports for building approvals or to properly understand your risks you should contact us today to arrange a Bushfire Attack Level Assessment.

Bushfire Attack LevelBushfire Protection Services is able to conduct bushfire attack level reports (BAL reports) and also has partners Australia wide, so no matter where you are in Australia, if you need a bushfire attack level report, then you only need to contact us and we’ll organise the rest.

Don’t ignore the risks of living in a bushfire prone area like so many people do, it’s easy to organise a BAL report with us. So make the call or send us an email, its the first step in making your home a safer place. Once you do you’ll wish you did it earlier!