Burning off

Burn offBushfire Protection Services has the expertise and specialised equipment required to conduct hazard reduction burns, or burning off, in a safe and efficient manner.

The best way to manage your bushfire risk is to reduce the fuel load on your property, burning off is the natural way to reduce your fuel load. Australian plant and animal species have evolved around bushfires for 100,000′s of years, some species require fire as an integral part of their life cycle.

Since European settlement there has been a reduced level of fire in the eco system, either from putting bushfires out or not burning off, this has resulted in fuel loads increasing to the point where when we now have some bushfires, they burn at a higher intensity than what the native plants and animals have evolved to. This can cause not only damage to the environment but also make some bushfires extremely difficult to extinguish.

By burning off during the cooler months, we are able to reduce the fire intensity to a level that is not damaging. Burning off also allows native seeds to germinate and helps return the area to a more natural state. We have seen countless examples of increased wildflowers and seed germination in areas where we have conducted burn offs.

Burn offThe benefits of burning off is well documented with countless studies Australia wide on the subject. As mentioned before the benefit is not just a much safer property during the bushfire season, there are also environmental benefits in returning to a more natural fire regime.

Burning off isn’t as easy as it seems, factors such as weather, the moisture in the fuel and soil and also the area all need to be taken into consideration. If you’re not confident in burning off, then contact us today and we will be more than happy to conduct a burn off for you.